5 most demanded Digital Marketing Skills in Nigeria

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A lot of people are looking for Digital Marketing jobs in Nigeria. However, only a few  people actually possess the skill that qualifies them for the role.

There’s a common misconception that once you know how to post on Facebook and Instagram you have become a Digital Marketer. This is so wrong. Buying fake followers on Social media does not qualify you as a Digital Marketer or an influencer.

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You can take on the role after deceiving that employer with your fake 10,000 followers but it is most likely that without undergoing proper Digital Marketing training and acquiring the right skills, you will struggle at your job.

There are currently some highly in demand skills in online marketing today in Nigeria. While the employers and agencies expect that you know everything when it comes to online marketing, it is advisable that you become an expert in one area before you acquire skills in another area.

Unless you’re the VP of growth at a tech startup or a you’re employed specifically as a growth marketer (for advanced folks), you’re not expected to know it all.

If you’re at the begining of your career, here are the most in demand skills in Digital Marketing. Become an expert in one of these fields and you will thrive as there are lots of companies and businesses in Nigeria who are seeking people with these skills.

1. Social Media Manager

Perhaps the most common Digital Marketing role out there. As a Social Media Manager, your job will be to create content for the brand’s social media pages, identify it’s target audience and engage with the audience with the aim of driving conversations, brand loyalty and conversions.

How much can you earn as a social media manager in Nigeria?

The average salary range of a social media manager in Nigeria is between N75,000 – N150,000 depending on the client or organization.

2. Graphics Designer/Video Editor

Graphics designers are one of the most in demand skills today. As the world moves towards video content, demand for video editors have also surged in demand lately.

How much can you earn as a graphics designer or video editor in Nigeria?

You can earn between N50,000 – N220,000 as a graphics designer in Nigeria while a video editor can earn anywhere between N150,000 and above depending on your connections and portfolio.

3. SEO specialist

Do you know how hard it is to get a website to show on Google? (not to brag but if you’re reading this, you most likely found us on Google).

If you can make other businesses to show up on the first page of Google as an SEO specialist, you will make a killing from it. See what someone sent me on Whatsapp the other day…

SEO expert in Nigeria

By the way, I can train you on SEO at an affordable fee. Just send me an email.

How much can you make as an SEO specialist in Nigeria?

You can make between N220 – N250,000 as an SEO specialist in Nigeria.

4. PPC specialist

PPC means pay per click. A lot of businesses do not know how to create Google, Facebook or Instagram ads. If you can help them run campaigns and sponsored ads on these platforms, you’ll make a killing. I know of 2 guys in Nigeria who make millions of naira running PPC campaigns for various clients and companies. They’re in the top echelon anyway.

How much can you earn as a PPC specialist in Nigeria?

You can earn anything between N250 K and above.

5. Data Analyst

Did you know Digital Marketing is about data? Do you know your numbers? Can you pore through data and create meaningful reports, actionable data and insights?

Are you good with spreadsheets and tools like Google analytics,mix panel and Crazy egg? Lots of companies generate a lot of data but do now know what to do with it. Help them make sense of user behaviour and you will be rewarded heavily for it.

How much can a data analyst make in Nigeria?

You can make between N350,000- 600K or more in salaries.

Which of these area are you interested in?

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