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Instagram launches IG TV: Here’s 4 things to do now

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Instagram has launched IG TV, a new feature that lets you create long form videos on the photo and video sharing platform. Instead of the usual 1 minute videos, Instagram users can now upload videos that are as long as 1 hour to the  app.

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom announcing IG TV. Photo source: Instagram blog

While making the announcement via it’s official blog, the social media giant also revealed that they’re now 1 billion people on the app globally. This signifies a huge oppurtunity and is really good news for young Nigerian creatives, business owners and even smart corporate organizations.

Did you miss out on the Youtube wave? Congratulations you’re not late this time around. Here’s what to do now so you don’t miss out on the new IG TV wave.

1. Create your own channel

In my experience as a brand and digital strategist for the past 6 years I have observed that the early mover advantage in social media is a great advantage. When you’re among the first set of people to create a profile on a new social networking website or app and continually use it, your profile or channel grows as the social networking site grows.

Linda Ikeji was one of the first people to start blogging in Nigeria. By the time blogging became mainstream, LIB had become so big it is now very hard to catch up with her. Truth be told, Linda isn’t doing anything special. She just has the early mover advantage.

(N.B): I worked for Linda for a few months. I started and ran Linda Ikeji Music, had my articles published on LIB and also produced the Buzz’r TV show on Linda Ikeji TV.

Myself & Linda around in 2012

Myself, Linda Ikeji & Mr Eazi in 2016


2. Stay consistent with your IG TV Channel

This has happened to me in the past. A few years after Linda Ikeji started her blog, I also started a music and entertainment blog called Naija Whistle. In fact my blog was doing fine. I was already getting advertisers offering between $100 – $400 to do a sponsored post on my blog. But guess what. After running the blog for a few years, I became bored and abandoned it. A few years after I abandoned the blog, entertainment blogging became a big deal in Nigeria. People like Laila came up and stayed consistent in the niche and boom news/gossip/celebrity/music blogging is paying them big time. They’re cashing out. This was way way before people like Instablog9ja or Lasisi Elenu came into the scene.

What am I trying to say? If you create an Instagram TV channel, you have to stay consistent with it. Even if it seems like no one is watching your channel, you only loose when you give up on it. Remember, this is a marathon and not a sprint. You should play the game for the long run.

I recently read an article by Sam Ovens where he said the success he is enjoying today is as a result of the work he did 1-3 years ago. Consistency pays.

3. Create or curate good content

If you’re creating an Instagram TV channel now, you have to really put out good content. Before you put out anything on your IGTV channel, ask yourself do I like this? Will my target audience like this? Only share content when you answer yes to those 2 questions.

4. Share your IG TV channel outside of Instagram

In order to grow your channel, people have to know about you. Why not share your Instagram channel on other online channels like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Nairaland, etc. The internet isn’t the only place to share your channel. You can also share your channel offline as well. Print stickers and place inside danfo, BRT, Keke Marwa (Napep) etc.

N.B: I tried not to get too technical on this article because I wanted you to enjoy reading this post. If you want a great campaign to help you leave a lasting impression on your existing audience and acquire new customers online or offline, just talk to us. The team will be happy to help.

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