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Nigerian businesses are using Hashtags the wrong way on Instagram

As a social media expert, I’ve noticed that most Nigerian businesses do not know how to use hashtags on Instagram. This wrong use of hashtags is not particular to Instagram alone but on all major social media sites where the use of hashtags is applicable.

You may ask: What’s an hashtag?


A hashtag is any keyword that begins with the hash sign or character “#“. The hash sign is placed in front of a word or unspaced phrase, either in the main text of a message or at the end. Hashtags have become an integral part of social media and can be used to track trends or follow particular topics. Examples of hashtags are  #Naija, #DigitalMarketingNigeria #LekkiRepublic #DelurgeConsulting, #ThingsToDoInLagos #NigerianBusiness #Abuja, #PortHarcourt, #SocialMediaMarketing etc.

Notice that the keywords begin with an #. They’re either branded or generic keywords. Hashtags are what makes your post show up for a particular topic when people are searching for those keywords on social media. If you understand online marketing, you will know that hashtags is the SEO of social media (you can tweet that and give credit to Delurge Consulting) :).

Back to our topic. Why do I say Nigerian businesses use hashtags the wrong way on social media? It’s because they use generic keywords/topics in their Instagram/Social media posts instead of location specific keywords/topics.

Let’s take a look at this Instagram post from EIA shoes below. They’re a shoe shop in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state Nigeria.

While it will look like she’s doing a good job I’ll only give her a 30% on the correct use of hashtags. She used generic hashtags like#fashionista #fashion #naturalhair #linda #street #stylish  and even #shoes the only relevant hashtag on her post is #Konga #Kongafashion and #Nigeria.

While generic hashtags may appear to attract a larger number of people, most people who will see her posts will be people from foreign countries who are not be interested in her products. Since her audience are mostly female fashion lovers in Nigeria, she could have used better hashtags/keywords like #NaijaFashion #UyoFashion #LagosFashion #BellaNaijaWeddings or even #LindaIkeji on her Instagram post.

Checkout our Instagram post below…

We are a Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria and if you noticed we used very relevant hashtags/keywords for that Instagram post. The underlying aim of that post is to position Delurge Consulting as an expert Digital Marketing  Company in Nigeria. Our target audience is the Nigerian business owner so we used words like: #DigitalMarketingNigeria #SalesNigeria #MarketingNigeria #DelurgeConsulting #NigerianBusiness #Lagos #nigeria #Abuja #portharcourt #lasgidi #gidi #phcity #owerri #uyo #Aba #Lekki #AjahLagos #LindaIkeji #BellaNaija.

The main takeaway from this post is that you should use location specific hashtags on your Instagram post to attract your ideal audience. If you’re trying to grow a brand, make sure to always use a branded hashtags on all your social media posts. Remember it takes consistency to see results from your social media marketing efforts.

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