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Nigerian SME? Here’s how to make people buy from you

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If you are a Nigerian Small Business Enterprise, today, I will teach you the psychology of selling. Today, we will look at why people buy things, the motivation behind their actions and how to market in a way that ensures the customer buys from you over your competitors.


Before you continue, I will suggest you get a pen and paper  (or a device to make notes). This article will be loaded.

Before we begin, I’d like to ask you…

Why do people buy things?

Can you answer that? Ok! People buy things for 2 main reasons:
(I.) To feel pleasure

(II.) To escape pain or even a combination of both reasons.

I’ll use you reading this article right now as an example. You’re reading this article because (i). you want to escape the pain of not having enough customers, (ii.) you’d like to experience the pleasure that comes with having enough customers right?

When you buy an expensive bag, shoe or meal at a fancy restaurant, do you really need it? My guess is no! But you spent so much money on that thing anyway because it made you look good or made you feel good.

Now that you know the primary motivation for why people buy things, let’s look at how to include this in your marketing to increase sales (Naija no de carry last abi?).

Do these 3 things and begin to watch your sales figures increase:

1. Stir their emotions with your product

If your product does not stand out, how will you be different from your competitors? Ensure your product is the one that makes the customer feel good. Afterall they’re spending their money on you. The least you can do is make them feel good about it. Your branding and packaging must be in such a way that you will be remembered. A lot of Nigerian businesses on Instagram are doing well in this area. If you’re struggling with product branding or packaging, contact us to help you in that area.

2. Give them reasons to justify their purchase

People do not want to feel like they’ve wasted their money on a product, therefore you have to give them good reasons for buying your product via content marketing. You have to tell the unique story of your brand via effective content marketing.

Are your products handmade? Let the customer know. Did you travel all the way to Asia to get the finest spices for your special dish? Tell them. Do you have a unique recipe that was passed on from your great-grandfather? Tell your customers . Spent a fortune researching the market to come up with your amazing product? Share the story! This builds loyalty and a connection to your business. Who would you rather buy a product from? Someone you already know or a random stranger?

Content marketing and storytelling are the two important business in the digital age. People like to buy but hate being sold to. How do you sell to people without them being aware that they’re being sold?  Content marketing and storytelling is the key.

One Nigerian business who has mastered the act of content marketing and story telling is Nimah’s honey. I immediately fell in love with her product immediately I came across her brand on Instagram and immediately wanted to buy her product. Notice the branding and visual appeal of her product? I like what she does!

View this post on Instagram

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3. Use social proof or testimonials

Humans are social beings. They will often buy things because other people have bought them. You should share customer testionials. This gives you credibility and trustworthiness. Let them know the excellent results people are getting by using your product. I like to use Instagram as a good example. If you check a picture on your feed, Instagram will show you some of your friends who have liked that picture. This is using social proof to get you to like the picture thereby creating more engagement on  the platform.

Here are the useful takeaways from this article:

  • People buy things to either feel pleasure or escape pain (in some cases, a combination of both)

In order to get people to buy things from you, you should:

  • Make them feel good about their purchase
  • Integrate content marketing and story telling into your business
  • Use social proof to increase credibility and trust

Got any subtle way of getting people to buy from you? we’d like to hear from you. Kindly tell us in the comment area below.

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