Witty guy behind EFCC Twitter account unveiled

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For sometime now, the official Twitter account of the Nigerian antigraft agency EFCC,  has left Nigerians in awe over the smart tweets and witty responses that come from @OfficialEFCC account. This is unlike every government owned Twitter account that puts out information in a boring and self promotional manner without enaging with it’s followers.

The EFCC experience was new and refreshing for Nigerians hence they fell in love with a seemingly serious and boring brand.

People usually speculated who was behind the account with a lot of people wondering the gender of the person behind the account.

However, all of that has been put in place as the person behind the official EFCC account is a young man known as F.Shaw King Fisher.

His bio reads: “Songwriter/Recording & Performing Artiste/New Motown/Occassional Genius/Accidental Satirist/Comms god/Not That Famous…But Famous People Know Me”.

Mr FShawKingFisher is moving on from the EFCC and the agency thanked him for a job well done.

Shaw is truly an excellent corporate communications expert. He succesfully made the EFCC look like a relatable brand.

We’ll be putting out lessons from Shaw’s time at the EFCC. Hope the agency will get another handler with a witty personality as Shaw?


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